International Day for Street Children 2020

Ask your Government to Provide Safety And Protection for Street Children

Contact your Government and tell them what they can do to make sure that street children are considered in public health responses to COVID-19, and that they are not punished for having nowhere to go to safely self-isolate.

Street children and homeless youth are present in every country in the world. Whatever your nationality, you can take action and contact your government to demand that they consider their safety during a time when they are even more vulnerable.

What can you do? Demand change

Here are four easy steps you can take to tell your Government about how they can make sure street children are protected:

  1. Consider who the best person in your government to write to might be. Is it your local representative? The Chair of a Committee? Whoever it is should be influential in setting policies and making decisions, especially about children.
  2. A simple internet search will give you an email address and/or physical address that the representative can be contacted on.
  3. Fill out the highlighted sections of the template letter so that it’s right for your context and what is happening in your country.
  4. We would recommend putting the letter on your own organisations letterhead, but if it would be more useful / appropriate for you to keep our logo on then please feel free to.
  5. Send the letter to your representative.

Download letter templates: 

If you are an organisation:

Download the letter in English

Téléchargez la lettre en français (download in French)

Descargue la carta en español (download in Spanish)

If you are an individual:

Download the letter in English

Téléchargez la lettre en français

Descargue la carta en español

Please contact us if you would like this letter in a different language, and we will do our best to have it translated for you.

Thank you to CSC Network member StreetInvest who supported with the content of the letter.

And that’s it! Spread the word on social media.

Together, we can demand safety and protection for children and young people who will be even more vulnerable during the pandemic.