The 4 Steps to Equality

We know what steps to take. Let's make it happen.

Our global advocacy campaign, “The  4 Steps to Equality” calls on regional, national and local governments and other bodies to ensure that the Convention on the Rights of the Child fully protects street connected children. We want governments to implement in full the recommendations of the UN General Comment No21 on Children in Street Situations to ensure this protection occurs.

We have summarised the General Comment into a 4-step plan so governments around the world can enact their own plans for how they will ensure safety and protection for street-connected children:

1. Commit to Equality

Recognise street-connected children have the same rights as everyone else – and reflect that in the law.

2. Protect Every Child

Protect street-connected children from violence and abuse and ensure children have access to justice when they are harmed.

3. Provide Access to Services

Enable access to the same essential services as every other child, such as hospitals and schools, so they can reach their full potential.

4. Create Specialised Solutions

Deliver specialised services and opportunities that tune into the unique needs and challenges of life for street-connected children.