Children living and/or working in the streets of Georgia

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This report presents an analysis of the findings from a research project on children living and/or working in the streets in Georgia – with an additional view to Azerbaijan.

The call for this study is a response to observations made by care workers in Georgia regarding changes among children living and/or working in the streets. The resulting research project involved qualitative fieldwork in both Georgia and Azerbaijan among children, parents and families, as well as among care workers and resource personnel.

The aim of this study is to provide information in order to better tailor prevention and exit strategies for children at risk of living or already living in the streets. A related aim is to map existing institutional responses in order to develop policy responses and improve existing services in line with the socioeconomic realities and the institutional environment in Georgia and Azerbaijan. Note that the institutional mapping was not carried out by Fafo, and hence does not represent a full-fledged institutional analysis.

The study demonstrates that the population of children living and/or working in the street in both Georgia and Azerbaijan is highly diverse. Though street lives and characteristics of children are complex, we can identify certain patterns. Responses to challenges street children face should be assessed in line with these patterns.


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