Effectiveness of NGOs in the Rehabilitation of Street Children in Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania

United Republic of Tanzania
East Africa
Year Published
Mgeni Tresphory Othumary
No data
Research, data collection and evidence Social connections / Family Street Work & Outreach

The purpose of this qualitative research is to assess the effectiveness of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in the rehabilitation of street children in Morogoro Municipality in Tanzania. The study is based on data collected from 110 respondents sampled purposively from street children rehabilitation organizations located in Morogoro Municipality. Data was collected by focused group discussions, questionnaires and personal interviews. Data has been analyzed based on theoretical reasoning and researcher’s critical thinking. The findings indicate that most of the NGOs dealing with rehabilitation of street children are ineffective thus most children come in and out continuously. More Over, numerous challenges mount Children rehabilitation NGOs in Morogoro municipality and thus a lot need to be done at policy and policy implementation level with regard to children related NGOs and street children welfare in general.


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