Promoting implementation of the General Comment on children in street situations

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Consortium for Street Children
Human rights and justice

The General Comment on children in street situations – the first piece of authoritative UN guidance on street-connected children’s rights – is nearing completion, with publication expected in spring 2017. CSC is proud to have made the process of developing the General Comment one of the most participatory to date and we look forward to carrying this innovative approach forward into the next phase of our strategy – working with our members to promote implementation of the General Comment and make the words a reality for street-connected children around the world.

This briefing gives details of Consortium for Street Children’s plans to promote General Comment implementation. CSC members are warmly invited to join with us in using the General Comment in their work for street-connected children’s rights. Members may like to consider the following key questions:

  • How will you use the General Comment in your work?
  • How could you be involved in CSC’s plans for promoting implementation of the General Comment?



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