The Rights of Children Infected and Affected by HIV/AIDS: Trainers’ handbook

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Southern Africa
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Ann Strode, Kitty Barrett Grant
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Discrimination and marginalisation Education Health Human rights and justice Street Work & Outreach

The trainers’ handbook is designed for trainers who conduct training (pre-service and in-service) for service providers working with children and youth infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. The handbook is intended for use by trainers from all sectors, such as health, welfare and education, and from both Government and Non-Governmental Organisations.The 4 training modules aim to:

  • Raise awareness of the rights of children and youth, particularly as they relate to HIV/AIDS;
  • Develop an understanding of the ways in which children’s and youth’s rights are abused in the context of HIV and AIDS; and
  • Enhance the capacity of children and youth, their care givers and service providers to recognise and realise these rights and to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in a rights based manner.


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