The voices of street educators working for the successful trajectory of girls in street situations: A rights-based approach

Brazil Peru
South America
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Melody Mills
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Education Gender and identity Human rights and justice Resilience Street Work & Outreach

This is an exploratory study, researching how street-educators describe good and
bad trajectories for girls in street situations. It is qualitative and not meant to generalize, but rather to focus on the case study microcosms of the street-child NGOs visited in Peru and Brazil. This research refers to the human rights framework of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). In addition, it compares it to two domestic laws in Peru and Brazil, and analyzes to what extent the responses from these NGOs are grounded in this rights-based approach. This research observes how these rights are operationalised in the work of street-educators with street girls. This pilot research explores the perceptions of street educators on the successful trajectory for girls in street situations. It analyses how their vision is reflected and implemented in supporting these girls better realize their rights. Common themes discussed in this paper include the right to love, right to hope, self-esteem, resilience, the female position, the role of street educators, and the need for more comprehensive help and resources in this field.


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