Our Partners

Change the outcome for street children

We join forces with governments, NGOs, policy makers, researchers, charities and businesses to build a world where street children have their rights protected, and access to essential services.

We are the only global network dedicated to raising the voices of street-connected children.

We work with more than 150 community organisations, national and international non-governmental bodies, researchers, advocates and on-the-ground practitioners working across 135 countries.

We support, grow and seek funding for our network, enabling them to deliver services and programmes to street children, and fight for their rights.


We bring together researchers to strengthen and disseminate evidence about street children.

Governments and Policy Makers

We aid governments and policy makers to understand their obligations to street children and advise on approaches to address the challenges in their country.

United Nations and Intergovernmental Organisations

We provide international and regional insights and evidence on the realities and human rights concerns faced by street children, to enable increased pressure on governments to act.


We work with corporate partners who want to change the outcome for street children, enhance their brand reputation, drive employee engagement and create measurable outcomes.

Investors, Sponsors and Individual Donors

We work with investors, sponsors and individual donors who want a strong voice for street children, to deliver high impact projects that improve the lives of street children and get their money to where it is needed most.

Organisational Donors, Charities and NGOs

We support like-minded organisations who work on programs and campaigns connected to ensuring street children live with dignity, in safety and security.

We partner with organisations to align funds to the critical projects that our network of organisations deliver around the world, to deliver better health, education and protection for street children.

And we evaluate the impact and outcomes.