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Help us transform street children’s lives

Business has a central role in achieving progress for street children, who are among the most vulnerable on the planet, and disproportionately affected by growing poverty, climate change and migration. We are proud to be a trusted partner for corporates to meet their CSR goals and deepen engagement with employees.

Over the past 25 years we have grown to a global alliance combining knowledge and expertise to influence policy at the international and government level, with network members providing live-changing support on the ground in 135 countries.

Why partner with us?

Our focus is on creating mutual benefit through collaborative efforts. For us, partnerships are about much more than just ticking the corporate social responsibility (CSR) box. We focus on long-term, strategic projects that bring about sustainable impact and real change.

We understand that brand reputation and employee engagement are critical, and we work together with our corporate partners to develop programs that leverage the natural resources, skills and capabilities of our partner organisations, to create the measurable outcomes that we, and they, need.

“You want to make a difference, but where do you start? You start with CSC, the world expert in street children, with the network of the most impactful partners and projects all over the world. Focusing their combined knowledge and power to give street children a voice and change policy at the highest level. For us, they were a trusted critical friend, helping us make sure our approach was authentic, robust and well risk managed. Our Street to School programme helped over 1 million children worldwide, driving record employee engagement and making our brand stand out. There’s no way we could have done it without them.”

David Schofield, Group Head of Corporate Responsibility at Aviva

What we can do together

In all our work we are determined to change lives, attitudes and systems, so that street children can lead safe and fulfilling lives. We are making progress, but to accelerate action we need allies and investors. We welcome support from new corporate partners who would like to work with us on this urgent mission.

Staff engagement

We understand that employees need to feel a sense of purpose if they are to give up their time and energy to support a cause.

We work with our corporate partners to develop innovative and creative employee programmes that utilise expertise, not just time, so that employees can see how they have made a difference, and employers see increased employee engagement, recruitment and retention.


We achieve a lot with a small budget, and more than 90% of our spend is directly on our charitable activities – advocacy, communications and research, and managing our network services.

We are pleased to work with companies to arrange give as you earn, matched giving, or fundraising programs. Our supporters give us the financial assurance to plan for the future and lead our network in responding to the needs of street children around the world.

In-kind giving and pro bono services

Supporting us with in-kind giving or pro-bono services is tremendously important in being able to deliver our marketing activities and operate our organisation, and ensuring that all our donations can be put towards programmes for children.

We have been fortunate to receive support such as provision of venue space and catering generously, along with pro bono legal advice on the matters all charities need – such as contracts, employement, intellectual property and trademarks.

Our corporate partners

Baker McKenzie is a leading multinational law firm, and is one of the largest international firms in the world.

Baker McKenzie is partnering with CSC over the coming years to ensure street-connected children are visible on legal and policy agendas. Baker McKenzie is generously investing funds as well as providing unparalleled legal expertise.

AbbVie first partnered with CSC in 2017 to help develop the Legal Atlas for Street Children. A team of 26 AbbVie attorneys and legal professionals donated their time to investigate the legal rights of children in countries including Bangladesh, Ecuador, Greece, Morocco, Nepal, Peru, the Philippines, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Consortium for Street Children was chosen by AbbVie because of their large global network caring for some of the world’s most vulnerable children. These displaced children suffer from disproportionate levels of violence, abuse, HIV/AIDS, substance misuse and mental health issues and CSC works to help ensure these children can have a better chance at safe and fulfilling lives.

Aviva is the UK’s largest insurer. Aviva became a corporate partner of CSC in 2010 as part of Street to School, the company’s global flagship community programme. Through Street to School programmes, Aviva have helped over 870,000 street children.

HP Foundation is a private foundation based in Palo Alto, CA, that was founded in 1979. They became a partner of CSC in 2019, providing both financial support through employee contributions and match funding, along with analysis for 13 countries represented in our Legal Atlas.

Salesforce have worked alongside CSC since 2016, providing funding for our United Nations Global Compact consultation, along with pro bono provision of our supporter database and use of office facilities.

Microsoft’s legal team provide pro bono support for our Legal Atlas, analysing how laws and policies impact street children and helping put information into the hands of those who need it the most. Microsoft have been supporting Consortium for Street Children since 2017 through their scheme to match generous charitable donations made by their employees.

Microsoft transforms the way people live, work, play and connect through technology. They are driving advances in cloud computing; developing new ways for people to interact with technology at home, work and on the move; while transforming education and public services.

We welcome support from new corporate partners who would like to work with us on this urgent mission.

Please get in touch with CSC Chief Executive Pia MacRae on if you would like to discuss partnerships further.