Our projects support street-connected children across the world

CSC partners with a number of funders to deliver projects around the world. We work with our members to improve the lives of street children, and to make their rights a reality. Since 2018, we've worked in the following countries:

Red Nose Day USA

Keeping Street-Connected Children Safe

CSC have been working in partnership with Red Nose Day USA since 2017, on our ‘Keeping Street Connected Children Safe’ project. This project has funded innovative direct-service delivery projects for street children across Asia, South America and Africa, and our pioneering advocacy work across the globe. 


Keeping Street Connected Children Safe in COVID-19

Consortium for Street Children is working with our global network to provide crucial support to street children, and help them access the services, information, and legal protection they need throughout the pandemic.


Tackling Child Labour and Modern Day Slavery in Asia

Led by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), this project is working in Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar to identify ways we can increase children's options to avoid engaging in hazardous and exploitative labour. 

FCDO and Railway Children

Advocating for Rights of Street Children in Tanzania

CSC is partnering with Railway Children to further the Tanzanian government's ability to uphold the Convention on the Rights of the Child for street-connected children. 

Commonwealth Foundation

Advocating for Rights of Street Children in Bangladesh

This project works with street children, civil society and the government to create change and improve the quality of street children's lives and their access to education, healthcare, shelter and safe employment opportunities. 

Baker McKenzie

The Legal Atlas: Putting Street Children on the Map

Street children are one of the world's most invisible populations, overlooked by governments, law and policymakers and many others in society. To address this, CSC and our partner Baker McKenzie created the Legal Atlas, to put information about laws affecting street children directly into their -and their advocates' - hands. 

The Oak Foundation

Building Resilience in Street Children

CSC partnered with our members in Nepal, Ecuador and Uganda for our 'Building with Bamboo' shared learning project, which explored the resilience in street-connected children who had suffered sexual abuse.

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