About us

Who we are

We are a global alliance who act as the voice of street children to promote good practice, challenge and change the systems that cause harm.

We create powerful links between organisations, activists and policy makers around the world who are addressing the needs and rights of street children, providing advocacy, capacity building, shared learning and research.

Street children are children who depend on the streets for their survival – whether they live on the streets, work on the streets, have support networks on the streets, or a combination of the three.

We want to change the world for street children by:

  1. Ensuring they have the same access to services, resources, care and opportunities that other children have
  2. Amplifying street children’s voices so they can make their views known
  3. Putting an end to the discrimination street-connected children around the world face on a daily basis

How we have grown

We were launched at 10 Downing Street on November 18th, 1993. Since they we have grown from a small fledgling organisation to a force to be reckoned with.

Today we are a powerful, innovative and expert network of 150+ community organisations, national and international non-governmental organisations, researchers, advocates and on-the-ground practitioners working across 135 countries.

Our previous CEO Caroline Ford speaks to Comic Relief about how we can make sure that all children are being counted and included in our visions of the future.

We set our 5 year strategy towards a world where street children are guaranteed the same rights as every other child in 2019.

1. To refocus our advocacy on compelling governments to guarantee street children the same rights as every other child.

We will:

  • Compel UN member states to meet their obligations to street children
  • Promote the rights of street children at the global and regional level
  • Strengthen our network’s experience and confidence in advocacy

2. To ensure street children are included on international development and human rights agendas.

We will:

  • Leverage the ‘leave no-one behind’ agenda
  • Forge alliances that accelerate action for street children
  • Develop compelling global campaigns

3. To strengthen and disseminate data and evidence on street children to accelerate action.

We will:

  • Develop the world’s leading repository of data, evidence and knowledge on street children
  • Commission new research on street children to drive and accelerate action
  • Track the ‘state of street children’ globally
  • Strengthen our network’s capability and expertise in research

4. To strengthen and grow our network

We will:

  • Secure and grow our network
  • Engage street children in our network
  • Connect, showcase and celebrate our network
  • Seek funding grants for initiatives with network organisations

5. To improve street children’s lives by sharing our network’s unique on-the-ground expertise

We will:

  • Gather and consolidate our network’s direct service expertise
  • Disseminate findings to help improve the lives of street children

Learn about inspirational former street children who have become our ambassadors.