Putting street-connected children on global, regional and national policy agendas.

The world must change for street-connected children. Governments are obliged to respect, protect and fulfill all the rights contained in the Child Rights Convention to street-connected children – yet still many governments are either unable or unwilling to do so. Our advocacy work unites our Network and supporters to make street-connected children’s voices heard at the national and international levels so they are able to access the same rights owed to every other child. It’s a daunting task – but one we have started to make happen.

We advocate for change where it matters most:

  • Global and regional – we work with our network to get street-connected children on the agenda of UN and regional human rights bodies and mechanisms.
  • National – we work with our network to support national-level initiatives for implementation of the General Comment No. 21 on Children in Street Situations through our 4 Steps to Equality campaign. Currently we are working with members in Latin America, Africa and Asia to protect street children’s rights and dignity.
  • UK – We convene UK Parliamentarians to ensure street-connected children are on the UK Governments’ international agenda through the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Street Children.

Consrtium for Street Children convenes an Advocacy Forum comprised of world class experts from both within and outside our network.  They provide critical analysis and support our success.

CSC Advocacy in Action

After over 7 years of advocacy, we were able to connect 1,044 street-connected children and 109 NGOs to the United Nations Child Rights Committee, resulting in the UN General Comment No. 21 on Children in Street Situations – the first official acknowledgement that street-connected children need special attention from governments to ensure they are able to access their rights. This is now the basis of our Steps to Equality campaign.

This is now being implemented in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay in a partnership with the Government, CSC member Gurises Unidos, and CSC.