CSC Network

Consortium for Street Children (CSC) is the only global network dedicated to raising the voices of street-connected children.

We work together to create long-term changes to ensure street-connected children are no longer overlooked – and able to lead happy, fulfilling and secure lives.

We are a powerful, innovative and expert network of 100+ community organisations, national and international non-governmental organisations, researchers, advocates and on-the-ground practitioners working across 135 countries. Together, we focus the world’s attention on the experiences and needs of the most marginalised and invisible children in the world.

Changing the world for every street-connected child is a daunting task, but one that we are well placed to achieve together. By bringing together on-the-ground work, our expertise in global advocacy and research, we can bring the change that street-connected children need.

International Day for Street Children

Every April 12th, the CSC Network celebrates International Day for Street Children, a special day recognising the strength and resilience of millions of street children around the world. We work with the Network to decide on a theme, and create a campaign that will bring about positive change in street children’s lives. Celebrated globally since 2012, it is our opportunity to come together as a Network and amplify our message: street children have the same rights as every other child.