International Day for Street Children

IDSC around the world

On this page, find out what CSC's network members are planning for International Day for Street Children in 2023! Below, you can find inspiration for your own IDSC activities and learn about other network members' activities in your region.


Action for Development

Action for Development will be engaging with the messages for this year’s IDSC.


Nzeugang Mbeukam’s House (NM House)

NM House will be writing letters to five Cameroon ministries, requesting dialogue and proposing collaborative opportunities to help further the safety and security of street children. As well as this, they are planning a two-week online campaign featuring several themes centered around the IDSC, and host a dialogue with 30 street-connected children representing six different neighborhoods in Yaounde and Douala. The Workshop for Street-Connected Children on Safety and Advocacy aims to create a space that empowers street-connected children to express their views and contribute to advocacy efforts. On 12 April, they will also be launching their fundraising campaign to buy a piece of land and build a multipurpose shelter for street-connected children.


Muslim Family Counselling Services (MFCS)

MFCS are planning 12 days of activism alongside other Ghanaian NGOs, launching on 1 April. This includes an online campaign, a night vigil, placards campaign, and videos and a documentary. They are also supporting their street champions in a media presentation in Kumasi.



CINI will be campaigning for the safety of street-connected children on selected street corners, through public announcements and street plays, in collaboration with local government, police, and other stakeholders. They will also be facilitating discussions between street champions and MPs, including a discussion on increasing access to ID, and budget allocation for programmes supporting street-connected children.

The HOPE Foundation for Street Children

HOPE are organising their new campaign, ‘Footsteps for Hope’ to launch on 12 April. The campaign will shine a light on street-connected children’s right to education.

Rag Dreams’ Weavers Association

As well as holding an event on the streets of Delhi for IDSC, RDWA will be working with the government to make urban streets safer through interventions and a focus on a child-centred and participatory approach.


KDM Foundation

Working with IWEI in Nigeria, KDM will be facilitating a call between street-connected girls in the two countries, to give them the opportunity to share their different experiences.


Apprentis d’Auteuil

Apprentis d’Auteuil is planning an online campaign highlighting the violence and discrimination children face on the streets.

Happy Child International

Happy Child International will be engaging with IDSC through social media.

Mobile School International

Mobile School launched their online campaign on 14 March, to ‘claim children’s rights for all children worldwide’, with the intent that this claim will be heard in every country by April 12.


Ark of Hope Foundation

This is Ark of Hope Foundation’s first time celebrating IDSC! They are planning on doing the workshop with children that we have created.


Home and Street Kids Welfare Initiative (HSKi)

HSKi are building on their work for IDSC 2022 (where they opened a free, non-conventional school) and their outreach programs for the previous year where they noticed many children fell into one of two categories for school non-attendance. Either their parents or caregivers could not afford the fees, or they had no parents to take care of them at all. In 2023, they hope to open a shelter for children who need it, and as part of IDSC 2023 they will be conducting a week-long activity including psychosocial support, home tracing, hygiene and medical care, and games and entertainment for around 30 children with no parental care or safe place to sleep.

Isa Wali Empowerment Initiative (IWEI)

See the activity for ‘KDM’ above to hear what IWEI have planned for this year’s IDSC.


Search for Justice

This year Search for Justice and the Children Advocacy Network- CAN Pakistan will be observing IDSC 2023 by running the workshop with children in the morning and then holding a focus group with frontline workers in the afternoon to discuss strategies and actions for keeping street-connected children safe.

Search for Justice has also drafted a Press Release and shared with members of Children Advocacy Network- CAN Pakistan from 17 Districts of Punjab for publishing in print media on 12th April 2023, to urge the government to speed up their actions for development of a Child Protection Policy in Punjab.

Legal Awareness Watch (LAW)

LAW has planned a forum on juvenile justice and child rights, which will also cover the issues and rights of street-connected children, to be held on 21 March.

Sierra Leone

Future Focus Foundation

FFF will be conducting a workshop for street-connected children, and holding a football match on 13 April.

Tinap for Development

Tinap for Development will be focusing particularly on the safety of street-connected girls – especially the importance of sexual and reproductive health education. They will also be producing  a workshop to engage community structures with child protection issues, and organising a drama on providing street-connected children with formal and informal education to reach their potential.

We Yone Child Foundation

We Yone will be hosting a football match, as well as a demonstration of the defensive skills street-connected girls have been learning. They will also be engaging street-connected children on the upcoming elections, and how street children can get involved.


Amani Kids and Railway Children

Amani Kids and Railway Children will be jointly presenting awards to individuals who demonstrate good practice in keeping street-connected children safe.


Dwelling Places

For the first time, Dwelling Places will host a number of Ugandan CSOs in Jinja to celebrate this year’s IDSC. They are planning radio talk shows, awareness campaigns in school clubs on the theme of creating a safe environment, which will be incorporated into a statement which the children can use to lobby their local representatives.

SALVE International

SALVE have lots of activities planned, including a newspaper written by street-connected children on the theme of safety, to be published on this page on April 12; an event in Jinja with other NGOs and local government, including a radio broadcast; the release of their latest head-counting and drug-taking on the streets research; and an evening event.