International Day for Street Children 2023

Join us and spread the word to help keep street children safe

We need a global collective effort to make sure street-connected children and the issues they face as a cause and consequence of being on the street are visible. We want to use International Day for Street Children this year to highlight what makes street children feel unsafe, and to call on Governments around the world to provide the support and services these children need to feel safer. Join the movement by spreading the word about CSC and street children on all your social media channels and platforms.

Please download the resources listed below and use them to spread the word about the International Day for Street Children online.

Draft messages

#streetchildren face many dangers as a cause and consequence of being on the street. This International Day for Street Children, join me in calling on governments worldwide to make #SafeStreets for children

Although no child should have to rely on the streets to survive, it is a reality for tens of millions of children worldwide. While working to provide more pathways off the streets, governments must also ensure #SafeStreets for these children while they do rely on them. 

Sometimes the adults who are meant to protect #streetchildren, like teachers, the police, and healthcare workers, can be the ones causing harm, often through a lack of understanding of their particular issues and needs. These groups must ensure they have robust policies & practices in place to ensure #SafeStreets

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