International Day for Street Children

How are organisations around the world celebrating IDSC 2024?

Take a look at some of the activities planned for International Day for Street Children below, and let us know your organisation's plans by emailing to be added to this page and inspire others!

Action for Development, Afghanistan

Will be holding the Focus Group Discussion with the children they support.

Apon Foundation, Bangladesh

Will be celebrating IDSC (details to follow).

CINI, India

Held the Focus Group Discussion with the children they support.

Safe Society, India

Are organising a state-level sports competition, where children from marginalised sections of society will participate and compete in different games.

Mobile School, International

Are launching their new toolkit, designed for youth workers, delving into the power of rituals in fostering a sense of belonging among young people.
Access the toolkit here.

Ark of Hope Foundation, Kenya

Will be facilitating a community dialogue with officials from the children department of Bungoma county, police officers and their leaders, the chief of Bungoma township, members of the community, parents of children working on the streets and the street children will be present.

Glad’s House, Kenya

Held the Focus Group Discussion with children they support.

Sath Sath, Nepal

Will be running a number of events:

10th April: An inter-dialogue programme with policy makers about legal issues facing street-connected children, and running our focus group discussion on the theme of belonging with street-connected children
11th April: Candle lighting in memory of all the street-connected children who have passed
12th April: A cultural programme, organised by children; submitting a letter of attention to the Ministry of Women, Children, and Senior Citizenship, and; a TV talk show on legal and other issues affecting street-connected children

Bahay Tuluyan, The Philippines

Held the Focus Group Discussion with children they support, with a specific focus on belonging in education. They are also organizing a Children’s Dialogue with Duty-Bearers, to be hosted by the Commission on Human Rights.  During this event groups of children will present short creative presentations around the theme of belonging followed by an interactive session between the children/youth and government representatives on 24 April. They are also hosting a local celebration in the City of Manila on 12 -13 April with the Network of Duty-Bearers in Manila which includes the local government and various NGOs.

Future Focus Foundation, Sierra Leone

Held the Focus Group Discussion with children they support.

Dwelling Places, Uganda

Celebrating alongside the CRANE network, details to follow.

Voice of Children, Nepal

Hosted a day of drawing and painting by children on 10th April 2024, a sports day including football and cricket on 11th April and a Cultural Program on 12th April.