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CSC signs up to Inclusive Data Charter

Published 11/11/2019 By CSC Staff

CSC has signed up to the Inclusive Data Charter (IDC).

The IDC was developed to support the global commitment made under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to ‘leave no one behind’, by promoting the collection and use of disaggregated and inclusive data. IDC Champions who have signed the Charter include international institutions such as UNICEF the World Bank, governments, and civil society organisations.

For CSC, striving for inclusive data means not only collecting and using data disaggregated by (at a minimum) sex and age, but also ensuring that hidden population groups – such as street children – are included in the data that informs policies around the world.

Street children are excluded from data because standard data collection methods such as household surveys are not adapted to the realities of their live.  The data that is available on street children is outdated and inaccurate, with biased data continuously reproduced.  For street children, being uncounted and invisible means they rarely have access to basic health services and education, and are hardly ever accounted for in social protection systems or prioritized in policy-making processes.

We believe that signing the Inclusive Data Charter and working alongside other champions will strengthen our call for disaggregated and inclusive data and will enable us to share strategies and best practices for how this can be achieved.

CSC has produced an Action Plan to lay out our objectives to be met during the period 2019-2023. Read the full Action Plan here.