Building with Bamboo

Introducing Martha from JUCONI Ecuador

Published 11/11/2016 By CSC Staff


Who are you?  My name is Martha Espinoza

What organisation you are from? I am from JUCONI Ecuador

Brief summary of experience working with street children? I started working with street children seventeen years ago when I first joined JUCONI.   I used to go to the streets to make the first contacts with them while we played fun games and once they trusted me they would take me to their homes to meet their parents.  Work with the families of street children was the most challenging part of my job because sometimes they were not very friendly so it was time for being patient and trying to understand what was happening.  Their lives were full of painful and sad experiences when they were children so when they become in adults they had not learned how to protect and love their own kids.  My intention with them was to provide them with a good experience of a positive relationship and little by little to hear their stories and reflect with them about it.  So I realized that these parents were survivors and helping them is the best way to change the world of children.

What interested you most about being part of the Building with Bamboo project? The most exciting of being part of Bamboo project is that it connects experiences from other countries and realities.

What you are looking forward to from the learning project? 

To create and share interesting strategies that will effectively benefit more children on the streets

What you have learned so far about resilience and street connected children? That to build resilience in children it is necessary to build bonds with their parents too.