Co-ordination and convergence of Delhi District health services programmes and drug use intervention for the out of school child

South Asia
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National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre, All India Institute of Medical Sciences/WHO
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Child labour, exploitation and modern slavery Discrimination and marginalisation Health Research, data collection and evidence Violence and Child Protection

This is an evaluation report from a Government of India & World Health Organization Collaborative Program.

Drug use among street children is very common and occurs in a majority of street children based on various reports. Inhalants are one of the commonest substances used by street children. An earlier project/ activity under the WHO biennium (2008-09) programme conducted a situation assessment at Delhi and Bangalore to assess the profile and pattern of inhalant use in out of school/street population and to assess their family, peer, social skills, stress, psychological, health, money management, safety and legal problems related aspects. The present report as part of the activity in the biennium (2010-2011) describes the delivery of the intervention in groups to 100 street children after the intervention was strengthened by adding more components (based on the findings of the previous biennium). It provides details of pre- assessment and post assessment on the extent and nature of substance use and other risk behaviours after the implementation of intervention through six sessions after strengthening the intervention by incorporating more elements.


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