From exclusion to inclusion – a stepwise process: a qualitative study of how the reintegration process is experienced by young people previously living on the streets in the Kagera Region, Tanzania

United Republic of Tanzania
Africa East Africa
Year Published
Jeanette Olsson, Staffan Höjer, Maria Emmelin
No data
Research, data collection and evidence Resilience Social connections / Family

This open-access article is published in the journal Global Social Welfare and distributed under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The aim is to explore how young people, after having lived on the streets, experience the reintegration process of returning to their local community. Individual interviews were conducted with young males having experience of reintegration after having lived on the streets. The results show a step-wise process initially signified by ambivalence, moving back and forth and encountering setbacks. The process shows how self-reliance is developed and how agency, resilience, individual and collective capital are part of this. Young people who have lived on the street can successfully reintegrate into their local community when given adequate support.


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