Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Children Working and/or Living on the Streets

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OHCHR, United Nations Children's Fund, Consortium for Street Children, Aviva
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Child labour, exploitation and modern slavery Human rights and justice Violence and Child Protection

Human Rights Council Resolution 16/12 on the protection and promotion of the rights of children working and/or living on the street attracted more co-sponsors than almost any other resolution since the creation of the Human Rights Council in 2006. Such high support testifies to States’ recognition of the importance of advancing an issue which had not been a direct focus of UN attention since the early 1990’s when it was discussed on several occasions at the General Assembly and the then Human Rights Commission.

This report, prepared by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) through a unique cross-sector partnership with the Consortium for Street Children, Aviva and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), concludes that the number of children in street situations fluctuates according to socio-economic, political and cultural conditions,
including growing inequalities and patterns of urbanisation. It recognizes that before reaching the street, children have experienced multiple deprivations and violations of their rights, which leads to them developing strong connections to the street.


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