Digitally Connecting Street Children

Connecting street children around the world

CSC’s new 'Digitally Connecting Street Children' platform provides a unique, secure and safe online space for street-connected children to connect with one another around the world, share their views and experiences with one another and learn about their rights.

About the platform

CSC has been developing this platform since 2017 with a number of network members. The newly redesigned and child-friendly platform allows street-connected children to create their own anonymous account (under adult supervision) and connect directly with other street children around the world. Content is created by offline workshops, and children on the platform can view posts, photos, and videos from other organisations, as well as react and comment to this content to help share their experiences and learn about each other and the rights they share.

The platform also contains interactive quizzes and questions to help street-connected children to learn about their rights, and details about interesting upcoming events that they might want to be involved with. We are grateful for the generous support of Red Nose Day US that enabled us to develop this innovative online tool.

If you have any questions about the platform, please contact

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Creating an online community of street children across countries

We are inviting CSC network members to register to use the platform with the street connected children they work with and for,  fostering communication and learning within a safe, secure and bespoke online platform. The platform is currently undergoing user testing and refinement, and we will launch to our CSC Network members in 2022.

To register your organisation’s interest in using this platform, fill out the form below:

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In order to keep the platform safe and secure for the children using it, we can only allow a limited number of vetted CSC Network members to register and use this platform. In order to access the platform, network members and the named facilitator will need to undergo safeguarding check to ensure children’s safe engagement online.

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What if we are not a member?

If you would like to use the platform and your organisation is not currently part of our network, we warmly encourage you to join! Membership is free for small organisations to join and we welcome NGOs of all sizes. Once a member, your organisation will be able to register to use the Digitally Connecting Street Children platform, on top of the many other benefits of being a CSC Network member. To find out more about joining our pioneering network of almost 200 organisations around the world, visit Join Our Network.