COVID-19, Rights, and You: Advocacy for Children

Published 07/22/2020 By CSC Staff

Do you work with street children?  It can be hard to help them understand about their rights – especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

So we are publishing a series of child-friendly videos on street children’s rights during the Covid-19 pandemic. These are child-friendly adaptations of our advocacy notes to help children understand their rights and how these might be affected in the context of Covid-19. Watch these videos with the children and young people you support to help them understand their rights during this crisis and have a discussion with them about their own experiences during the pandemic.

What is the right to health?

The first video focuses on the right to health, which we have made in English and French so far – with Spanish, Hindi and Bengali versions coming soon! Take a look below.

English Version:

French Version:

What is an emergency?

The next video looks at lockdowns and freedom of association during Covid-19, explaining what a public emergency is, which rights governments can limit in an emergency and to what end, and which rights governments must always protect. Versions in other languages will be coming soon. Have a watch below!

English version:

French version:

The next video will focus on the right to information during Covid-19, which we will share on this page and our YouTube channel in due course. Please do share the videos with the children you work with to help them know about their rights.

We are hoping to translate these videos and we would welcome any translation support from our network! Please email if you would like to see the videos in your language so that they can reach as many children as possible. We will be regularly updating this page with new videos, so keep an eye out!

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