Street-connected children have rights.

These rights include being able to see a doctor when sick, going to school, and seeking justice when abused. Often, street-connected children are prevented from accessing these rights because of who they are, where they live and people's perceptions of them.

We exist to put an end to the discrimination street-connected children around the world face on a daily basis.

We believe we can create a world where every street-connected child lives with dignity, in safety and security, and able to fulfil their potential.

Consortium for Street Children (CSC) is the only global network that raises the voices of street-connected children, uniting the organisations working to create long-term change.

Our Network is made up of 100+ NGOs, advocates, researchers and on-the-ground practitioners across 135 countries, working with and for street children.

Together with street-connected children, our network changes lives through:

  •  Powerful international advocacy;
  •  Tailored country-specific policy change;
  •  Creating an evidence base to drive solutions to improve street-connected children’s lives;
  •  Grassroots casework; and
  •  Pioneering approaches and methods to support street-connected children.

Together, we focus the world’s attention on the lives and needs of its most vulnerable and overlooked children.