CSC Projects in Togo

Street Children in Togo

It is estimated that there are around 7,000 street children in Togo, though the exact figure is difficult to ascertain. This largely invisible population are left vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and recruitment into armed groups. Street-connected girls are particularly difficult to enumerate, which in turn makes it challenging for them to obtain basic services despite high levels of gender-based violence, sexual harassment, and underage sex work. CSC is committed to supporting the realisation of rights for street children in Togo; find out more about our work below.

Our Projects in Togo

Supporting Street Children in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Consortium for Street Children is working with our global network to provide crucial support to street children, and help them access the services, information, and legal protection they need throughout the pandemic.

Funded by AbbVie. 

The Legal Atlas: Putting Street Children on the Map

Street children are one of the world’s most invisible populations, overlooked by governments, law and policymakers and many others in society. To address this, CSC and our partner Baker McKenzie created the Legal Atlas, to put information about laws affecting street children directly into their -and their advocates’ – hands.

Funded by Baker McKenzie

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