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Keeping Street-Connected Children Safe

Our partnership with Red Nose Day USA explores seven innovative approaches to keep street-connected children safe.

About the project

This project funds innovative direct-service delivery projects for street children across Asia and South America. Red Nose Day US also funds our global ‘4 Steps to Equality’ campaign, our ‘Digitally Connecting Street Children’ project with partners across the world, and our pioneering work in Uruguay, helping the government to adopt the General Comment No. 21 on Street Children.


Our digital work

Through a series of workshops, street children will be able to safely share their experiences, insights, advice and dreams with other street children around the world via our digital platform. Each workshop is designed around a topic that is important for street children’s rights, and will feature videos, messages and photos that other street children can interact with. This ground-breaking pilot has been made available with the support of Red Nose Day Fund! For the safeguarding of the children involved in the project, this part of the project requires additional logins.Please contact our network team to apply for this access. 

CSC Members involved in this project

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CINI and StreetInvest


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Voice of Children


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