Scam in Tanzania using CSC’s name and logo

Published 03/15/2021 By Jess Clark

We have been made aware that CSC’s name and logo have been used in a scam in Mwanza, Tanzania, and possibly other locations in Tanzania. We want to share this information to alert our network so that this information can be shared more widely and to avoid anyone else falling victim to this scam. A form has been circulated that invites people to join the ‘Consortium for Street Children’, using our name and an amended version of our logo. We believe people are being asked to pay to join, and that other individuals have been told they will be employed by the Consortium for Street Children and will get support in raising money to help street children. 

Please be aware that this is being run by individuals who are in no way affiliated with the Consortium for Street Children, and that completing this form will not result in any of the benefits that have been promised. This is now being reported to the police in Mwanza. We are also preparing media statements to be shared in Tanzania so that this information reaches local communities and organisations working with children who may be targeted as part of this scam.

The Consortium for Street Children (CSC) is an NGO registered in the UK with a global network of members, that works to ensure street children’s rights are respected. Organisations that are members of the CSC Network are not permitted to use CSC’s name or logo in their own work without CSC’s permission and are all independent organisations working with and for street children. CSC never solicits funds from the general public to join its Network. 

We have contacted all of our members working in Tanzania and alerted them to this situation, but please pass this on to your own contacts and networks in Tanzania so that the information can reach as many people as possible. If you have any information regarding this scam, or have been approached to give money or fill out this form, please contact info@streetchildren.org.